Where individuals are granted an opportunity to voice their concerns.


The City of New York is divided into fifty-nine geographic community districts, served by a local rep. body known as a Community Board. Each Community Board is composed of up to fifty unsalaried individuals who either live in or have an interest in the community, selected to serve on the board by the Borough President or local City Council representatives.

The City Of New York

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Land Use and Zoning

All Community Boards, regardless of their geographic location, are involved with land use and zoning issues. We participate in the application process of individuals who wish to acquire, manage, or significantly change the status use of any city-owned property, or change the zoning status of privately owned property within the District.

The Board's role in such a situation would be to hold public hearings with members of the board and community residents that would be most significantly affected to hear presentations by those who wish to do either of the above, and propose recommendations on the matter.

Land Use matters are reviewed by the Community Board in accordance with the City's Uniformed Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP).
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Get Involved
There are several things you can do to get more involved in CB #8:

1.Report a complaint or request for service by contacting the District Office.

2. Attend meetings of the Community Board and ask to be put on the mailing list to get meeting notices.

3. Apply to become a Community Board Member. You can do so either by picking up an application at the Community Board's Office, contacting the Brooklyn Borough President's Office at 718-802-3700, or by contacting your local Council Member.

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